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This table of contents for this cd is arranged in the suggested order of reading.


Read Me - Hallowed Be Your Name (reasons why we MUST use God’s holy names!)

A Portrait of Jewish Americans Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project (a demographic picture of modern Jewish society)

Evangelizing the Jews sheet (very important points to remember)

Messianic Christian Dos and Don'ts (traps the enemy uses to side-track and damn those seeking Christianity’s Jewish roots!)

AntiGoyimism [an in-depth look at why most Jews merely laugh (at best) and/or violently reject any attempts by Christians to convert them!]

Satan's Synagogue (more scripturally based information on the plight of modern Judaism)

Message - Kabbala The Forbidden Mystic (a look at Jewish witchcraft and its impact on us all!)

Is Kabbalah Devouring Your Soul? (a scriptural look at one of HaSatan’s greatest traps for believers in general and Jews in particular!)

The Great Assembly (the historical root of modern rabbinical Judaism and how it permanently changed Jewish culture!)

Biblical Calendar (the differences between the biblical calendar and the modern Jewish religious calendar.)

Karaite Jews (the ONLY sect of modern Jews who haven’t accepted the lie of the “oral law” and the damning teachings of the Talmud, the Zohar, etc.)

Biblical Holidays (these are the holy feasts and festivals that we are commanded by scripture to observe – few are observed by Christians in general. The Jews observe most of them, but have added and changed some themselves.)

Yitzhak Kaduri (a short biography of a Rabbi, who was also the world’s leading kabbalist, who shook the Christian and Jewish worlds by declaring Yeshua the messiah!)

Yah Shua is Kosher! (a short concise piece declaring that Jesus’ teachings are in no way contrary to the Torah)

Repentance Prayers for Israel (prayers to clear the way for Jews to accept Yah Shua as their messiah)

God's Holy Names Sign (a handy teaching tool for use with both Christians and Jews)

Ruach HaKodesh Name Sign (a handy teaching tool for use with both Christians and Jews)

God's Covenant Names (this knowledge is a must not only for Jewish evangelism – but for any other spiritual warfare as well!)

SHEM HA-MEFORASH - JewishEncyclopedia_com (the Kabbalistic name of God! This is presented here so that the evangelist may recognize elements of Jewish witchcraft when they come across them. Beware! Spiritual attacks on the evangelist will inevitably follow attempts to convert a Jewish sorcerer or witch. BE prepared!)

72-Fold Name of God (Shem HaMeforash) (this is the actual name itself)

THE MESSIAH'S GENEALOGY (the English version)

?????????? (The Messiah's Genealogy) (the Hebrew version)

The Suffering Messiah (the English version)

????? ????? (The Suffering Messiah) (the Hebrew version)

Look Upon Me [e-book (password = LambsSevenHorns)]

Look Upon Me (Adobe PDF format – no password)

??? ?? ??? B???? P??????? (a Hebrew flyer warning against taking the “mark of the beast”! It contains God’s Holy Name so that observant Jews cannot throw it away – it must be disposed of by a Rabbi and Elders during a special ceremony!)

HebrewUniversal (a font your computer will need to display Hebrew script!)

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