Most Christians are so CLUELESS when it comes to evangelizing the Jews. We seem to think that all we need to do is know the Biblical history of the Jews and about the “Holocaust” and then introduce the Jews to the Gospel. Unfortunately, the Jews were introduced to the Gospel almost two thousand years ago and most of them responded by murdering Jesus’ apostles! And though today’s Jews are very different from the Biblical Jews in many ways, they have not changed in their attitude toward Jesus!
  Our ministry has been evangelizing to the Jews for almost 30 years. We have had doors slammed in our faces, been ignored, spat upon, and our tracts have been ripped up and thrown away before our very eyes (put YHVH in Hebrew on the tract and they will need a rabbi to dispose of it!). Nevertheless, we have learned over time how to be successful at one of the most difficult endeavors a Christian evangelist can undertake. After all, scripture says one-third of all of the Jews shall be saved!
  It’s so very important to know about the people to whom one is trying to evangelize. The Jews are by no means ignorant of or neutral about Jesus – their rabbis have made sure of it! They have been taught almost from birth that “Yeshu” (Jesus) was Satan’s spawn. Coupled with their distain for Gentiles (Goyim) in general, these attitudes and beliefs make evangelizing to the Jews as difficult as Satanists trying to convert born-again Christians!
  So it is the purpose of this CD to give the Christian evangelist all of the tools necessary to successfully evangelize the modern Jew. In addition, a few helpful hints are also included within. The first and most important thing to do is to discard all of the preconceptions you have about the Jews!
Jewish Evangelism CD
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Cross and Shield of Israel